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I have been tagged by the one and only :iconjoshawafrost: to answer and dish out some questions!

Here goes, hope I am doing this right.

First the rules:

1) You MUST post the rules.
2) Each person MUST post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4) You have to choose 5 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5) Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
7) (No stuff in the tagging section about "You're Tagged If You're Reading This" You legitimately have to tag 5 people)

Okay, 5 things about myself:

1) Like Josh, I too am a Leo!
2) Every year I tell myself I will not be doing any Fantasy Football, yet I find myself in 5 leagues.  It's like giving money away willingly.  Sigh.
3) I work from home, the gym is my only salvation.
4) Currently learning web design.
5) I am suddenly addicted to iOS games.

Now to answer Josh's questions:

1)Whats your favorite Video Game?
Of all time? That's a hard one.  If I had to choose from recent games, I would definitely say Batman Arkham City.  Everything about that game just satisfied the comic book geek in me.

2)Why is the selected choice of the answer above your fav?
The game really captured what Batman is.  He is a detective, a crime fighter, and he's an a-hole!  

3)What do you like to have playing in the background while you work?
Currently?  Mostly instrumental music.  I'm debating if I should learn the ukulele, always wanted to.

4)If you could meet anyone that is still alive today who would it be?
It would have to be Jackie Chan.  His movies were a big part of my childhood.  Many fond memories!

5)If you could meet anyone no longer living today who would it be?
Frank Frazetta.  

6)Why did you join DA?
I like the atmosphere, smells nice here!

7)If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to visit?
Europe. Ya, has to be Europe.

8)Who would you say inspires you most here on DA?
That's hard to say.  The easy thing to say would be everyone, but generally any body who shows a lot of enthusiasm for their artwork.

9)What's your favorite sport?
NFL!!!! Oakland Raiders!  And no, I am not a degenerate.  I don't think I am...

10)What's your favorite animated movie?
Incredibles! No wait, Despicable me!

Okay, here's the 5 I am tagging:

:icondom-dynamite-murphy: :iconytrthnu: :iconmimosah: :iconmewquen: :icondrewgreen:

My questions for the folks above:

1) What is your favorite medium to draw with?
2) Favorite cartoon character of all time?
3) What is the first thing you remember drawing?
4) Pancakes or Waffles?
5) Which artist do you want a original piece of artwork from?
6) Cats or Dogs?
7) Favorite drink?
8) Favorite book of all time?
9) Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?
10) If you could ask your maker one question, what would it be?

All important questions, I know!  Thanks for participating!
JoshawaFrost Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Awesome answers bro! Thanks for taking the time! =)
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July 19, 2012